Cheap Hostels vs. Expensive Hostels – Which are Best?

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when backpacking is deciding where to stay. Hostels are usually a backpacker’s best friend since they offer low-cost lodgings, but if you’ve never stayed at one before, you should know that not all hostels are alike, and more expensive does not always equal better. The most important thing to determine when deciding on a hostel is that it suits your needs and caters to your interests. Below are a few tips from Kyndley on how to discern which hostels will meet your needs while on your trip.

Cheap Hostels – How Bad Can They Be?

Let’s face it: if you had Jay Z money, you’d be staying in Jay Z lodgings. Instead, you’re a backpacker looking to save a few dollars by staying in a modest, inexpensive hostel. Seems pretty reasonable, right? Not so fast. 

Be sure you’re familiar with what the hostel has to offer before you pay for your stay. Check them out online, ask other backpackers who may have stayed there, etc.

Less expensive hostels are priced the way they are for a reason, sometimes you’ll get lucky and the reason might be that they’re off the beaten path. Many times, though, you’ll endure uncomfortable sleeping conditions, dirty facilities, and sketchy roommates.

What about Expensive Hostels?

Pricier hostels will likely be much better than the cheap ones, but the cost at some of these places can rival those of modest motels.

So What Do You Do?

The key to choosing the right hostel isn’t to go by price so much as by what they offer vs. what you need. If you’re looking for little else than a place to sleep at night, hostels on the lower end of the pricing scale can suffice. However, some of the nicer, more well-known hostels have loads of benefits that can greatly enhance your trip. Hostels in some places host daily/nightly activities for travelers, have in-house bars, host trivia nights, and even serve food.

Where you stay isn’t the only big decision you’ll need to make when you go backpacking. Before you hit the road, you also need a solid, quality backpack that won’t ruin your back – and that’s where Kyndley comes in. Kyndley backpacks are soft, insulated, lightweight, and durable. They include a 17-liter collapsible cooler, a large 25-liter packable storage compartment, and 5 medium sized pockets perfect for clothes, food, drinks, or anything else.

The key to a successful trip is to prepare. Do your research, budget for your trip and pick up a sturdy backpack from Kyndley.