Location, Location, Location: Choosing a Beginner’s Backpacking Destination

When asked by Backpacking Magazine about his views on the importance of taking care of the environment, then Presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama, stated:

“My connection to the earth was formed during my time in Hawaii, my birthplace. I think those of us who grew up in Hawaii have a particular attachment to the land and understand how fragile it is. When you are snorkeling through the coral reefs, you can see firsthand that a slight change in temperature or increase in sediment and runoff or change in acidification could end up destroying it all and making it unavailable for your children.”

Backpacker or not, wouldn’t you agree?

Backpacking is an adventure. It’s part hiking, part camping, and lets you stray off the beaten path once in a while to see what lies beyond the traditional campground. Before you pack you bag and head out, there’s a lot you need to know before traipsing around in the wilderness.

If you’ve never backpacked before, here are a few tips from Kyndley to get you started.

Where Do You Go?

Hiking isn’t like walking, running, jumping, or climbing (though it can include all of the above). Experienced hikers may enjoy a dogged slog through rough terrain, but as a first-timer, it’s best to save that type of trip for a future trip. Speak with experienced hikers – whether online or in person – and ask them about their recommendations.

How Far Should You Travel?

In the beginning, you’ll want to stay relatively close to home. Traveling too far from home into unfamiliar surroundings can be daunting. Additionally, the shorter your drive, the longer you have to enjoy the hike!

Ask a Friend to Go

Even a seasoned backpacker should rarely venture out alone. When you’re hiking on uneven ground and unfamiliar terrain, your risk of tripping, stumbling, or getting lost rises significantly. If you’re hurt and your ability to walk on your own is diminished, it will be good to have someone nearby who can help you get back to safety. All that being said, it’s best to leave kids or pets behind on your first few backpacking trips—at least until you’re more comfortable and knowledgeable about the area.

Kyndley – The Ultimate Backpack Reimagined Second only to personal safety, the backpack you choose can easily make or break your trip; you can’t really go “backpacking” without a “backpack,” can you? Make sure it’s the right backpack.

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